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Evolutionary Economics ... Dixieland Jazz ... there is an evolutionary explanation for everything ... any interest?

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young darwinold darwinIn 1859 Charles Darwin explained how economics, business, jazz and everything else evolved ... including beer prices and the Boeing 747 ... an extravagant claim? ... yes ... but relentlessly, every day, the supporting evidence from empirical science mounts ... these pages are a tribute to one of the men who made the understanding of complexity possible ... a dwarf standing on the shoulders of an army of ancient ancestral giants can see a long way ... and what a view!


I guess you may think that economics and jazz are a bit 'way out' but they can be fascinating subjects for study ... are they really adaptations? ... here you will find a light hearted Darwinian look see ...

Economics is involved more and more in policy analysis but the 'dismal science' is too often locked into simpler mathematical models with unrealistic assumptions and bum predictions which don't work. Evolutionary Economics tries to avoid these pitfalls, assuming nothing but a process, and making no predictions about an unknowable future. Perhaps soon, as Darwin suggested, all human behaviour will be understood as evolutionary and Evolutionary Economics will lose its qualifier and come of age as Economics ... the quaint but convoluted behaviour of folk?  

Music is enjoyed everywhere and some folk even have a go at jazz but it's not easy and most teachers tend to ignore the early innovations in 'Dixieland' which then evolved into a new species of music, Jazz ... a quaint but convoluted folk music?

If you have any interest in these notions maybe some of the pages here will generate more enthusiasm ... and maybe some useful insights ... all these notes have been accumulated over the years to help me with my own studies ... 

... if only I'd had some of this stuff available when I started !

but as the man said, 'if you think education is expensive, try ignorance' !!

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smileOccam's RazorPS nothing you will find on these pages is the result of intelligent design; it's all just simple Darwinian natural selection ... anchored in the empirical tradition of English science ... and it isn't rocket science ... 

folk of all shapes & sizes continually try to discover 'new tricks' and some tricks survive & accumulate in populations of other tricks by a round & roundabout process of - 




... a very simple process ... as simple as 1, 2, 3 ... but the penny has to drop!

... most folk I talk to just don't get it?

... and when they do the implications are shattering ... shattering because Darwin's insight described change & survival progress as a process of weeding out failures and not the intelligent design of good works!

Natural selection is emphatically economic; relentless cutting losses and chasing profits ... a creation process.

NB. Natural selection has no truck with the messiahs who hoodwink folk and claim a supernatural capacity to orchestrate events & legislate wealth through command & control of the behaviour of other folk.

Just listen to the arrogance of the Bishops, Princes, Generals & Bureaucrats -

'I have banned boom & bust and saved the world!'

... but natural selection has no foresight, so what are they all arguing about? ... stick with the empirical scientists ... doing is experimenting ... hard work, honesty & thrift ...

Richard DawkinsThen listen to Richard Dawkins -

'What really happens is that the gene pool becomes filled with genes that influence bodies in such a way that they behave 'as if' they made complex, if unconscious, cost/benefit calculations for survival'.  Richard Dawkins -The Selfish Gene, 1976.

and Robert Axelrod on economics -

‘The key to doing well lies not in overcoming others but in eliciting their cooperation. Individuals don’t have to be rational; the evolutionary process alone allows successful strategy to thrive, even if the players do not know why or how. No central authority is needed, cooperation is self policing’. The Evolution of Cooperation, 1984.

and Wynton Marsalis on jazz -

'There's no right or wrong ... just some choices that sound better than others. Try, there's no shame in failure, there's only shame in repeating failures'. Jazz, 2000.

@ these notes were discovered around the millennium & were painfully accumulated from 1/7/2001