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If you're an aspiring student of hot Dixieland jazz the pages around here should interest you.

They're all about how hot jazz is played. 

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There are four projects -

stave notes louis armstrong transcriptions

stave notes improvisation lessons

stave notes american popular songs, band in a box' songs & lead sheets 

stave notes the jazz tradition

okehLouis Armstrong Transcriptions.   

Around 1900 something dramatic happened in New Orleans, a new music emerged which developed to an influential peak with the Hot 5 & Hot 7 recordings of Louis Armstrong. This was amazing music with an instant and lasting appeal.

How on earth did he do it? Find out here


tenor saxImprovisation Lessons

Listening to music is a pleasure but learning to play is much much more satisfying. Nobody said it was easy but it's well worth all the hard work! 

How can you do it? Find out here


dancingAmerican Popular Songs, 'Band in a Box' Songs & Lead Sheets 

Dixieland Jazz has a strong tradition which builds on the wonderful American popular songs written during the first half of the twentieth century. 

What are these songs? Find out here


louisThe Jazz Tradition

A great tree of popular music has evolved from the early innovations in New Orleans. An initial attempt to map and piece together the network of pleasure that has emerged is here




stave notes The Smithy Lane Stompers - only a bit of fun!

Have a go, do your own thing, make your own music in a rehearsal band?